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This site is international and contains photographs, taken in the streets. Its mainly about fashion, art, people and more.

We started this blog to retain all beauty from the biggest catwalk ever: streets in all the world. Have fun reading it, getting in contact with like-minded people and thanks for any helpful suggestion. ♥


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"behind the lens"

Two students, loving beauty and style in all their appearances, travel a lot and take pictures of everything that impresses them.
Born: 27.02
Origin: German
Location: Germany
Currently in: Hanoba
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Born: 21.03
Origin: Russian
Location: Germany
Currently in: Hannover
Coming up next: Paris



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Cute girl

Her name is Clemencia and her dress is from Taiwan. Very Original. 

Mi am 1.3.08 12:13

Mi am 3.11.07 20:47

Intellectuals in the underground

She is one of the kids using the tube in London and reading the newspaper. First I wondered, because it seemed as they'd really cared about what's happening in the world, but then I found out: all these different newspapers are for free. Anyway, she looks so lovely, but also intellectual, mainly because of the thick glasses.

London was gorgeous. Most people were well and/or interesting dressed. They took all my attention, that might be the reason why I didn't see the less "well dressed" people.

I enjoyed this trip very much. But after I took the picture above my camera broke. This picture was the last one my dear Canon made. Hope you like it.

streetsnap am 3.11.07 20:29


Her name is Gloria, and I think it suits her.

Mi am 3.11.07 20:32

She is flying again

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was lovely, nice and liked to fly. Just like a fairy. Usually you would meet her at the streets with her wings. At the club or while shopping, she would always be able to fly away. This is how I met her once. Yesterday she looked even more serious with her green magic suitcase and her individual style.

Watch this young lady and her wings here.

Mi am 20.9.07 23:05

Coffee and Cigarettes...

...is all you need. And a little bit of style.

Mi am 2.9.07 20:07

So shiny

I didn't spot him, but his trousers. It seemed to me as if they were glowing.

Although she looked like a punk, it was pretty cool. She was eye-catching, not because of her behaviour, but in a positive way, because of her style. It all fits. A real Punk'n'Roll girl.
Mi am 1.9.07 19:44

(10thAug - 24thAug)

Tokyo was too fascinating. So i totally forgot taking pictures
but at least i managed to take a few of the streets at the final so enjoy.

When she prepared her store for closing I had to take a picture cause it really looked peaceful to me. Doing your job with passion.Who doesnt wish so?

Seems that people here are even creative while eating.

Some Stores of Takeshitadori (famous street for fashionstores).

One picture of a Store in Omote-sando were you can find many brand stores.
I guess you all know this one.

In Yoyogi Park you find many bands on sundays who play there to promote themselves.
Famous next to Indie and also plenty of streetperformances.
You can just side there in front of them and listen (the best thing: it cost u nothing beside time!).

Hope you all can explore it with your own eyes one day.
Jya ne!

KA am 30.8.07 21:56

At the central station in Cologne

This young man knows how to dress. Maybe because he studies textilemanagement. Anyway, what you cannot see in detail are his Vansshoes. Their surface is made of silk. Nice ones.

Partner look? They are both wearing Sk8 Highs, skinny trousers and a very lovely smile. 

Mi am 14.8.07 17:28

Miss Messonghi Beach

Actually she hasn't won, but from my point of view she was looking the best and her charisma was amazing. - Taken in Korfu.

Mi am 14.8.07 16:56

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