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This site is international and contains photographs, taken in the streets. Its mainly about fashion, art, people and more.

We started this blog to retain all beauty from the biggest catwalk ever: streets in all the world. Have fun reading it, getting in contact with like-minded people and thanks for any helpful suggestion. ♥


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"behind the lens"

Two students, loving beauty and style in all their appearances, travel a lot and take pictures of everything that impresses them.
Born: 27.02
Origin: German
Location: Germany
Currently in: Hanoba
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Born: 21.03
Origin: Russian
Location: Germany
Currently in: Hannover
Coming up next: Paris



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80s and 90s - so ugly, that it has style - somehow

Maybe it is just because of these people. Clothes can be pretty, but if the person who wears them isn't and actually doesn't have charism - then not even the Haute Couture could help them. So it is quite a pleasure to look at these people, not only because of their apparel, but because they wear it in their way!

Mi am 3.8.07 14:46

AnimagiC - Bonn

From 27.07. - 29.07 
there was an Anime and Manga Convention in Bonn.
Within this convention there were two concerts 
from japanese artists so you could see many dressed up people in the city and in front of the conventionhall. 
Here are some of them, enjoy.

KA am 31.7.07 06:30

Another one from Berlin

She read a book while walking down a street. This would be a reason to take a picture,  but she was also well-dressed. Another good reason.

Mi am 29.7.07 19:23

MI am 26.7.07 23:08

Streetlife in Berlin

A real designer motorbike, but I wonder if Louis Vuitton supports it.

Mi am 26.7.07 23:16

Mi am 23.7.07 10:31

Streetart in Amsterdam

Of course there is so much more street art in Amsterdam, but these ones tell stories. The head, who looks like the head of a drug victim, the black humour in the second graffiti and the lesbians who might be loved by everyone.

Mi am 29.7.07 10:24

A fairy tale



A fairy and her big love - neither the bike nor the guy - her wings.


Mi am 21.7.07 12:57

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